August 16, 2017

Become a Tutor

Volunteer tutors are the backbone of the LCLC, and we are always in need of more! The LCLC provides free one-to-one tutoring for adult learners in reading, math, writing, and GED preparation. We provide training for volunteer tutors -- no prior experience is necessary.

Most tutors and learners meet once a week at the Opelika and Auburn public libraries. The time and place is always at the discretion of the tutor and the learner.

Volunteering as a tutor for the LCLC is a great way to enrich the lives of both yourself and the adult learner you are working with. The testimonials below provide examples of how volunteering has impacted the lives of our LCLC tutors.

Carolyn Moore, Tutor
"I always enjoy feeling that I have been instrumental in helping someone overcome a problem or reach a goal. I always want to encourage each [learner] to believe that he or she can improve his or her life by learning a little more each time we meet. The further my student manages to go, the more excited I become."

Bill Walsh, Past President & Secretary
"I had taught at the university level for my career, but tutoring was a new experience - teaching people who were really dedicated to learning to read. All three of my learners were a great joy to me, and I looked forward to each day that I met with them. Tutoring is a relationship that rewards both the learner and the tutor. All you need is patience and the desire. LCLC will help you with the rest."

Thank you for your interest in volunteering as a tutor. You should start by meeting with our director, Sue Edge. Here is some information that will be beneficial for you to read before coming to your appointment.

What We Expect From Our Tutors

Tutor Duties

  • Commit for 1 year (Tutor Agreement)
  • Listen to the Learner's request for help
  • Attend Tutor Training
  • Meet 1-2 times per week for a minimum of 1 hour per week
  • Complete reports on your Learner monthly
  • Attend Tutor Socials
  • Attend Annual Dinner
  • Attend Tutor Mentoring
  • Attend fundraisers whenever possible

Your Role as a Tutor

  • Work as a Partner with your Learner
  • Be prepared, be consistent, but also be flexible
  • Keep your enthusiasm high and give genuine praise
  • Base instructions on Learner's strengths, experiences, needs, and interests
  • Make practical goals and lesson plans
  • Teach by example
  • Have a sense of humor

What's Next?

  • Make the decision to commit to be a tutor
  • Fill out information below for a meeting
  • Get scheduled for Tutor Training
  • Join LCLC for a wonderful, impactful experience!

Please fill out the information below and our director will contact you to schedule a meeting. Please list days and times you are available to meet with our director in the comment section.

Interested in Becoming A Tutor?

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