August 16, 2017

Tutor Training

Current Tutors

We develop readers in an effort to develop a literate community. Volunteers truly make the difference in realizing the LCLC's vision of a community in which each person is functionally literate. You are changing lives by giving your students the gift of reading!

Browse the links below in order to explore various resources available to tutors of the LCLC, including adult literacy programs and exercises, the monthly tutoring report form, and information about the tutor training program.

Monthly Tutoring Report Form

As part of the tutoring process, we ask that all tutors complete and submit a monthly tutoring report form. We use these forms to evaluate students' progress and to track the development of their skills and achievements.

You can get a copy of the monthly tutoring form listed under Current Tutors Tab, Tutor forms. You can download the document to your computer.

Once you complete your form please email it to our director, Sue Edge at

We also provide our tutors with tools designed to help make the learning process successful and rewarding for both the tutor and the learner. Our "Lesson Plans" document outlines how to create a successful lesson plan and set goals for your learner.

The lesson plan document can be found under Current Tutors Tab, Tutor Forms. For your convenience you can download this document to complete your lesson plans. If you have questions on your lesson plans please contact our Tutor Trainer, Sue Harrop at

Please check our Resources Tab that is located under Current Tutors Tab, Resources. If you find a good resource, please share it with us so other tutors can use that website.

Thanks for tutoring!