August 16, 2017

Information on Goals

Please look over these goals and discuss with your learner.

  • Choose a goal and list the date the goal was set and select the goal in the field below.
  • Once they have achieved the goal enter the date they achieved the goal and select the goal in the field below.
Tutor Name*
Learner Name*
Goal Set Date
Goal Achieved Date
Economic Goals
  • Entered Employment   
  • Left Public Assistance   
  • Retained Employment   
Educational Achievements
  • Achieved work-based project learning   
  • Complete educational functioning level   
  • Complete GED or Secondary Diploma   
  • Entered Postsecondary Education or Training   
Family Goals
  • Help child more with school   
  • Increased contact with child's teacher   
  • Increased involvement with childen's education   
  • Increased activities with children's literacy activities   
  • More involvement in child's school activities   
  • Purchased books or magazines   
  • Read to children   
  • Visited library with/for child   
Community Goals
  • Achieve citizenship skills   
  • Increased involvement in community activities   
  • Voted or registered to vote   
Personal Goals
  • Interviewed for a job   
  • Opened bank account   
  • Improved writing skills   
  • Improved vocabulary   
  • Increased self-esteem/confidence   
  • Obtained library card   
  • Filled out forms   
  • Followed medical directions   
  • Found a doctor or clinic   
  • Improved reading skills   
  • Obtained a driver's license   
  • Used technology