August 16, 2017

   Success Stories

      Kelly Kitchen's Success Story

Kelly and I met twice a month on average this past year, having to schedule around appointments, illnesses, vacations and her second spinal surgery. She has continued to work toward improving her fluency and comprehension. Her reading level a year ago was estimated to be at approximately the 7th -8th grade level and the material she tended to choose was too difficult for her at that time. Not wanting to squelch her enthusiasm for reading what interested her, we attempted to work through these materials, identifying patterns of difficulty. We established that her goals could only be accomplished is she read material at an appropriate level, allowing her to read with approximately 90% accuracy. We discovered the SMOG Readability Formula, which anyone can use to determine the reading level of any material. This is very useful in selecting appropriate material to reduce errors and frustration, and to increase fluency and comprehension. A recent evaluation indicates Kelly is currently reading on an 11th- 12th grade level.

 Tutor - Diana


   GED Success Stories for 2016

We are very proud of these individuals for their hard work and dedication in receiving their GED diploma.


Ian Grider

Auburn - Opelika



 Ashley Twiss

Phenix City Russell County Library GED Class


 Merissa Twiss

Phenix City Russell County Library GED Class




Christie Davis (not pictured)

Opelika GED Class