August 16, 2017

Tutor Forms

Monthly Tutoring Report Form

Learner/Tutor Agreement

Lesson Plan Form

Lesson Plan Instructions

Goals - These are the agreed upon short-term goals from your 3rd lesson. These are the skills you are trying to achieve in this lesson and the next several lessons. It includes any barriers you are trying to overcome. Ex: Achieve 80% on science in Pre-GED test.

Literacy Skills - List the important key concepts, skills, or key vocabulary terms that you intend to cover. You can also prepare an outline with key learning outcomes.
Ex: Improving reading comprehension or retention. Improving math skills dealing with fractions

Instructional Materials - List the instructional materials and any additional resources that will be needed for the lesson to be successful.

Objectives - Identify the objectives that you hope your students will achieve in this lesson. It is what your Learner will achieve and how you will measure this achievement. It is basically the task that your Learner is expected to perform.
Ex: Read the given passage and answer 95% of the questions correct.

Practice - Describe what you will do in this lesson and what homework you will assign. Be specific including lessons, sections, page numbers, review of past lessons, word lists or new skills. Give your learning a feeling of accomplishment.

Checking for Understanding - Describe ways that your learner will demonstrate understanding. This can include telling your Learner the most important concepts that were covered in the lesson or asking them what they thought was the key concepts (what they learned). It may also include a review in a future lesson plan, a reading or writing assignment, future homework assignment, or a pleasure assignment with the new skills.
Ex: Learner was able to discuss________ , the subject of lesson 5. Learner demonstrated their new skill by________. Able to spell and say the words from lesson 5.

Evaluation with the Learner - Ask the Learner what they liked about the lesson, what they did not like and what they would like to change. Should there be a change in the strategy or approach to the content of your lesson? It is important that they feel that these lessons are meeting their needs.

Teacher Reflection - This section is to be completed after lesson. It represents what you think worked, or what did not work, and why. It is meant to give you some insight into your lessons and will hopefully help you to make adjustments and modifications where necessary.