August 16, 2017

Who We Are

The LCLC is a volunteer, non-profit, United Way agency dedicated to providing free, one-to-one tutoring to our residents. The LCLC is principally funded by the United Way of Lee County, with additional funding coming from independent and corporate donations, grants, and memberships. The LCLC offers help with reading, writing, math, and GED preparation. Tutors work individually with learners to find the methods that work best for them. The LCLC also attempts to match learners seeking help with tutors living or working in the same area.

For adults with literacy challenges, everyday tasks can present seemingly insurmountable difficulties. Reading product labels, following street signs, and even filling out job applications can be challenging. The Lee County Literacy Coalition (LCLC) is here to help. Through volunteer and donor support, we are able to help adults in Lee County develop and improve their reading skills and, in doing so, have helped to expand their world one page at a time.

About Us

In an effort to achieve a literate community, the LCLC works with the assistance of volunteer tutors to provide free one-to-one tutoring to youth and adults in our community.

Our goal is to help to develop readers to build a strong and literate community.

Vision and Mission statements

Vision Statement - Every man, woman, and child in our community will be proficient in reading, writing, and basic math skills.

Mission Statement - The mission of the Lee County Literacy Coalition is to help youth and adults learn to read, write, and use mathematics at a level necessary to succeed and thrive in society.

Administrative Director

             Administrative Director: Stacie Money |

Program Director
 Program Director:  Tina Tatum  |